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            Fossil Fuels vs. Hydroelectricity


Fossil Fuels use fossilized matter such as fossilized plants and bone of other dead other dead animals. Fossil fuels are things such as coal, petroleum gas as well as oils. Gas is used in cars, heaters, stoves and don’t forget to produce electricity.

  •  Cons: Release pollutants into the environment causing the atmosphere to thin out.

  • Pros: Can power large things and can provide good time of usage. 

Hydropower is a clean, and renewable source of energy. Hydroelectricity is a form of energy that harnesses the power of water in motion. Hydropower uses a fuel, water that is not reduced or used up in the process. When flowing water is captured and turned into electricity, it is called hydroelectric power or hydropower. 

  •  Pros: of Hydroelectric Power. Renewable Energy Source. Clean Energy Source.

  • Cons: of Hydroelectric Power. Environmental Damage.





  1. Renewable. Hydropower is completely renewable, which means it will never run out unless the water stops flowing.

  2. Emission Free.

  3. Reliable.

  4. Adjustable.




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